Rules and Guidelines for AuntMinnieCME
August 5, 2013

AuntMinnieCME is rolling out a new, easier-to-manage CME platform with enhanced interaction.
The legacy AuntMinnieCME system you are in now will transition to the new AuntMinnieCME platform beginning September 12, 2013.
The system you see here will no longer be accessible after that date.
Please complete legacy system courses and print certificates prior to September 12, 2013. At that time, your certificate records will be automatically transferred to our new system.

Preview courses
Earning credits
Easy steps to successful AuntMinnieCME Frequently Asked Questions

Preview courses
A unique feature of AuntMinnieCME is the ability to take courses before paying. You may try a practice course or preview actual CME course material via the take courses button. Learning is free -- you only pay if you wish to receive a certificate for credits earned.

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Earning credits
The courses are structured to allow Category 1 CME to be earned in 20- or 60-minute increments. You receive one AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for every 60 minutes worth of courses you complete.

You can accrue CME hours over time at your convenience. You can complete as many courses as you like at any time, and we will keep track of this for you. To view your account, go to manage account.

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Easy steps to successful OnLineCME

Step 1:purchase credits

Step 2:request certificate

Step 3:purchase credits

Step 4:print certificate

Step 1:  purchase credits

Throughout AuntMinnieCME, you will see the "take courses" button. Click it to go to the course selection page.

Once you select a course, be sure to visit every page within the course. Visit the red links to read ancillary information contained in the course. The navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page contains links to all of the pages within the course.

Seek the correct answer for ALL interactive questions. Questions that have not yet been answered correctly will display their possible answers with red links. Once you have answered a question correctly, those links will no longer be red. Remember that seeking the correct answer for all questions is necessary, including (as a means of reinforcement) all True/False questions that you answer incorrectly the first time.

When you have completed a course, the status message will contain a link to a course evaluation form. You must complete this form so that we can note in your record that you have taken this course.

Step 2:  request certificate

When you have completed courses with a total value of at least 60 minutes, and you wish to receive a certificate for CME credit, you must pay for the credit hour(s) and request the certificate(s). Please click the "request certificate" link or visit the Manage Account page and select the option to "Place CME courses that you have taken on a certificate."

Select the courses you would like to have certified by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the "Place on Certificate" column, then follow the instructions to proceed to the Confirmation screen. If you already have enough pre-paid minutes available to purchase the certificates, click "confirm" and you may proceed to view/print your certificate online. If you have not yet purchased credits, you will be given the opportunity to do so. Continue to Step 3.

Step 3:  purchase credits

You will need to purchase CME credits if you wish to request a certificate for courses you completed. AuntMinnie uses a secure credit card transaction for CME credit payments.

Our CME credits are sold in individual credit hours. The cost is $15 per Category I CME credit hour.

After purchasing credits, you will be returned to the Confirmation screen to complete the transaction. You may now view and print your certificate, Step 4.

Step 4:  print certificate

We offer our members the ability to print, view and/or reprint their own certificates. Simply click the "Print Certificate" button to generate a certificate in Adobe PDF format. Once the PDF is generated, click the print button in Adobe Reader to print out your certificate. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I'm a technologist, are the AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ that I take on accepted for my continuing education (CE) requirements?

A: If you are a technologist, ARRT does not accept AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. CME credit from AuntMinnieCME is only available to the professions listed under Target Audience on the CME Information page. If you do not relicense through ARRT, please check with your relicensing group to verify whether they accept AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for your continuing education requirements.

Q: The course lists show a "status" for each course. What does that mean?

A: The "status" box displays one of three messages:
  • Available means that you have never completed the course.
  • Completed means that you have completed the course, and you have not yet requested a certificate for it.
  • Awarded means that you have completed the course, and that course has been applied toward a CME certificate that you may print and/or reprint at your convenience.

Q: There's a "status" message displayed at the top of the specific course I'm viewing. What does that mean?

A: When viewing a course, a status message in red will constantly be displayed just under the Top Navigation graphic. It conveys your current CME status for the course. When you have completed the course, this message will let you know that you have done so.

Q: The "status" message in this course doesn't reflect the work I've been doing. What's wrong?

A: If you use the "back" button frequently, the status message will not always automatically refresh. You may occasionally need to click the "Refresh" link displayed at the top of the page.

Q: Can I "skip around" from one course to another before completing a course? Will I still get credit for my work?

A: Yes, within certain constraints. We can keep track of the work you have completed in any course as long as you...
  • do not close your browser, and
  • do not sit "idle" on our site for more than twenty minutes.
Remember, the fundamental unit for which we provide CME credit is an entire onecourse. You must fully complete a course, including its point-and-click evaluation form, during your session in order to receive credit for that course.

Q: How long does it take to get my certificate?

A: You may print out your certificate online immediately after you purchase and request the certificate.

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: For more information regarding AuntMinnieCME, please e-mail us.

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