5 Tips to Help You through Radiography School


Going to class, staying on top of your readings, studying, and continuing to lead a normal life is a lot for any person to handle. Though challenging, completing radiology school is both rewarding and essential. However, it doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. Keep reading to learn the top five tips you need to survive your radiography classes.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is something that you are struggling with, ask the teacher to explain it again. You should also take advantage of their office hours and email, so you can ask them all of your questions, even if there isn’t time during class. If you are confused about something and don’t take the time to clarify it, the rest of the course will be exponentially more difficult.

Listen to Advice

Often, it can be hard to accept criticism from others. However, if your teacher or classmate is offering you advice, you should listen to them. Their intentions are (most likely) good, and they may be trying to help you avoid a mistake that they have made in the past. They may have a tip to help you use the scanning equipment safely or a method of remembering the steps of doing a scan. Regardless, you should listen to every piece of advice you get, especially when it is coming from someone with more experience than you.

Stay in Shape

Never underestimate the benefits of staying healthy and physically fit. Regular exercise can help to boost your mood, decrease your stress levels, and improve your focus. This will make completing your coursework and studying for tests much easier. Plus, it will prepare you for your future career in radiology, since it is such a physically demanding job. While working, you may be required to stand and walk for extended periods, lift and push equipment and machinery, help to position patients, and more.

Create a Study Group

No matter if you are taking courses in radiology CME online or in-person, your classmates may be your greatest asset when it comes to studying. Learning is always more fun when you are with your friends. Plus, it is easier to stay motivated when you have a group of people who are depending on you to remain on track. This also helps to decrease stress levels and make studying more enjoyable, which may also help you to remember the material better. Additionally, studying in a group can help you to improve your communication skills. Communication is essential for healthcare professionals. So, reach out to your classmates and see who is interested in joining your study group.

X-ray Scans

Take Plenty of Study Breaks

Many students cram for tests by pulling all-night study sessions the night before their exams. However, this is not the best way to learn or retain the information that you are studying. Instead, set aside time for a few study sessions in the days leading up to your exam. Try to study for 30 to 50 minutes straight, followed by a ten to 20-minute break. Giving yourself some time to rest in-between study sessions gives you more time to think about the material and allow it to sink in. Plus, you will be able to focus more on the radiology cases that you’re studying and less on the distractions around you.

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